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This website is all about sexy girls wearing vintage nylon stockings of all kinds: FF, RHT, Sandalfoot, Seamed barefoot and more...


Leg Glamour Blog

Production of FF Stockings

The plate R100 loom woven stocking has a flat shape. However, due to be programmed stitch, it has developed into shapes foot (knit to fit = weaving in shape). The rate of appropriate length, narrower plane at the ankle, the calf wider, narrower at the knee and thigh wide again. At the end of the thicker portion stockings called the cuff, which is a double layer above a turned and stitched so. To obtain a closed shape stockings, it is necessary to stitch along and then create a real seam (modern imitations FF-s, eg Nylonessa Eva Chic, Cervin Esprit have sewn seam seamless stocking). As the cuff is also sewn, it is necessary to leave the hole technology (key hole) through which you can close the stitching process. Yes seamed stocking is pre-formed shape that is adapted to the shape of the legs

Black stockings

(Fully Fashioned), hence the name of FF. This stocking is not ready to wear and is quite transparent with a slight white tint. It still must be boiled in a cauldron of paint to achieve the desired color.

Even the white color requires coloring. If we add the dye bath lanolin, it takes on an added glow of stocking and wonderful, velvety touch. This process has introduced an excellent company Alberts, the stockings were called Velvetized. But that's already colored stockings are wrinkled and not very shapely. It is necessary to stabilize the heat and pressure, corresponding to compression. This takes place in an airtight bell (machine Heliot) in which hot steam and pressure give the final shape of the aluminum leg stretched stocking standard. Now just remove the finished product from the aluminum legs, to make a very careful quality control and choose two, if identical stockings and pack them into a box. At this stage of production, and everything is going well, there is "only" 30% of discards. And that is basically all the technological. Where are the greatest quality problems? In the weaving process, the manual stapling and packaging. Hand packing causes 50% of all lesions.

It is worth noting that the production of FF stockings need: specialized loom plate R100 Reading, sewing machines stitching, dyeing system with probes and control color in coloring, Heliot machine and a set of aluminum patterns for six sizes of feet, quality control machinery CETM size. This is a pretty major undertaking. In addition, the theoretical efficiency of 15 pairs per hour, the machine does not belong to the economic hits. In practice, reached about 50-60% of theory. Thus, inter alia, the final price comes true FF stockings.



There's something about Foot Fetish

So what happened to foot fetish these days? Do nyloned feet still turn people on? A lot of people thinking they have a "foot fetish" actually have a "foot fixation," where the feet are a part of the body to play with, but, if necessary, they can climax without even touching the feet..

Foot fetish

Men having a foot fetish may be attracted to toes, soles, , stockings, pantyhose, ankles, shoes, nails or their companion going barefoot or with their feet nyloned (artefism).
In order to satisfy a person with this fetish, you should learn what he particularly loves, and go with the flow. In many cases, it is a very pleasant fetish and both partners can have fun with it..
According to Google key word analysys tool the phrase "foot fetish" has about 1.5mln searches a month. So what conclusions can draw out of it? There must be real many people living on this planet searching for beautiful female feet. Now the question is: do they prefer bare or nyloned feet? Leg glamour presents feet in nylon because in my opinion there's nothing sexier on this planet than beautiful female feet covered in delicate transparent fabric, sometimes so sheer that looking at her on the street you ask yourself a question: is she wearing nylons or is she bare legged? And that's where all the fun and excitement starts.



All you need to know about garter belts

Garter belts

Nowadays, a garter belt is now considered a luxury, fetish and super sexy lingerie. Many types of them are not designed to be worn all day. Even bearing wearing only a few hours can feel discomfort, especially if it is worn with normal composition, for example, to work. Most women give up wearing stockings and belts together. Choose a self-supporting stockings models. Some problems result from the fact that modern stockings are not sufficiently high, and made of a smooth material, so they can slide. You experience discomfort due to slipping of the belt? Choose a size smaller. Because the belt stockings are still sexy.

How to wear a garter belt?

Preferred materials tape - Stretch lace and satin fabrics that stretch and allow a good fit waist without creases. Traditionally, garter belt sitting on the waist and hips. Stockings with garters should not be too far-end work. If you are going to the store, select the belt may take some time. To appreciate the belt, dress stockings and try to hook them up to the waist. Try to walk and sit during fitting. This is a good test to see if they can move stockings and belt. If this happens they are slightly good. To reduce shedding buy bar with 3 or more garters on each leg. These belts are very popular with women wearing stockings all day. You can also adjust the straps, even a few inches and adjust the suspenders, but that was tight. And if you think it's all awkward and time-consuming select stockings.